Hoop Classes

Hula Hooping has come a long way since you were a kid! Used by celebs like Zooey Deschanel, Beyonce, and even Michelle Obama modern hula hooping (aka hooping or hoop dance) is a great low impact, cardio workout for your entire body.

Hooping has been proven to burn over 400 calories per hour. Join us and laugh your way through a unique workout!

Our beginner classes are ideal for new comers to hoop dance and those looking to expand on their hooping knowledge. Learn new tricks every week as we work our way through on body moves like waist and chest hooping as well as off body moves including jumps, passes, and halos.



Lilea is currently teaching at Wine Country Circus Arts. Adult size hula hoops are provided for class use and are the perfect size for beginners to exercise and dance with! These classes are targeted toward adults and teens. Join us for a Free introduction class!


Lilea leads special workshops and events throughout the North Bay. Visit our Facebook page to see what our current events are.

Does our current class schedule not fit with yours? Want to bring hoop dance to your workplace? Hire our high energy, certified instructor for private or semi-private instruction. Contact us for details.

“Lilea’s teaching method is easy to follow for all levels of hoop dance students. Her classes have a fun & playful energy. Her commitment to her hoop dance practice as as student herself is demonstrated in her evolving style of hoop dance mastery as well as her mastery of hoop dance instruction. Lilea has a unique ability to break down moves simply& concisely- making it easier for students to learn quickly. Her playlists are spunky, energetic & inspire flow. Her love of hoop dance, people of all ages & abilities is admirable- she does so much for the Napa Hoopers community. My favorite of her classes (thus far) is her burlesque hoop dance! I have taken it twice. I was impressed that she tailored the class to her students. First class was for intermediate hoopers. The second one for those with no hoop dance experience. This class demonstrates micro movements & level changes to pretty basic hoop dance moves in ways that really make the moves sexy, sassy & playful. I highly recommend Lilea’s classes & her character too.” -Stacie M.


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